Machine learning empowered by the University of Warsaw


You are running an eCommerce store and you are interested in growing your eCommerce business by getting more customers and increasing your revenue. You ask yourself how to reach this goal. The answer lies in behavioral segmentation. You shall segment your customers based on how they behave. Then reach out to them precisely based on those segments to convince them more easily to buy products. Using behavioral segmentation you can offer your customers exactly what they need. You will save time and money by reaching out to a precisely chosen group. No more guesswork in targeting messages will increase the efficiency of your personalized campaigns and your revenue will rocket in a short time. How does the behavioral segmentation work?


By running the Insight.MIM we can automatically identify behavioral clusters and show what attributes are specific to your online customers. In such a way you can target them in highly personalized marketing campaigns. In our dashboards, we present segments to which belong users who visited specific pages or already made a purchase in the past. Describing segments is important but comparing them in time is crucial. We deliver both. Our product allows for full personalization of client communication on a mass scale. For each client, we not only specify the behavioral segment of this client but also provide a personalized recommendation of products. All of this is done online by our machine learning algorithms. Machine learning, at its simplest, is a method of data analysis that allows computer to learn without explicit instructions or programming. The last phrase “without explicit instructions or programming” shows the key difference between today’s rule-based marketing automation and systems based on machine learning. Our Insight.MIM algorithm uses machine learning and that is why instead of sending messages based on one point of past customer behaviour, it continually takes in data, analysis it and uses those insights to personalize messaging up to date. Knowing how your user behavior changes over time, your products may also do so. Traditionally you would have to adjust your manual rules continuously which would be a very costly and complicated task. With Insight.MIM algorithm based segmentation, our model generates insights that constantly adjusts and refines the content sent to different customers based on their different behaviour which changes constantly over time. Based on all the data, it updates its rules and learns all the time without your intervention.


Why is our behavioral model so special?

  • It is data driven ONLY;
  • It is delivered by MIM Solutions algorithms;
  • It provides personalised product recommendation;
  • It is always up to date and adapts to changes;
  • It is tailored to your needs and easy to use;
  • It identifies segments correctly, in an objective way. No man mistakes possible; no human guesswork, no segmenting by manually finding rules;
  • It provides information in an easy-to-understand format, i.e. visual, role-based dashboards;
  • It gives you the power to act in the moment;
  • It is easy to deploy.
Therefore, we are giving you a very sharp insight on your consumer’s behavior to make you understand and engage consumers better.


The Insight.MIM algorithm is dedicated to companies of various sizes which collect data about clients via websites or loyalty cards or other means and want to monetize it by preparing highly efficient marketing campaigns. In our focus stay big Financial Institutions, eCommerce, Insurance Companies, Real Estate Agencies and Offline Stores.


There are many good reasons to choose us as your business partner. The first one is who we are and where do we come from. The history of MIM Solutions starts in the University of Warsaw (UW) Algorithms Group when professor Piotr Sankowski together with his collegue Piotr Wygocki established the company. Together they gathered highly educated experts, all UW alumni, interested in solving practical algorithmic problems efficiently. With time, the center of gravity of company field of expertise moved towards machine learning. Now, MIM Solutions specializes in hard tasks. Working on the edge of business and science, we are proficient in providing effective solutions, especially when standard methods have failed. However, for the most common problems we specialize in, we offer a set of generic services ready to deploy on any environment in no time. Another good reason to choose us is the number of awards won by MIM Solutions and our founder Piotr Sankowski himself. Second place on Recsys 2016 and first place on kaggledays 2018 is something we are very proud of. Best Scientist of the Year 2018 Award for Piotr Sankowski and the only scientist in Poland to hold 3 ERC Grants for 3 mln Euro makes our expertise even more credible and states its very high quality. Finally, reason that could matter most, is the successful outcome of our cooperation with our former business partners for whom we worked. We have lots of success stories to share with you. Those who trusted us are: the RTB House (increased its income by 14% after implementing our Insight.MIM), Polish State Police to whom we did prediction system, (increased their revenue by 9% with our Recommendation System), Gemius, one of the biggest Insurance Companies in Poland and many many more.